Over 8 million people in the US have intellectual or developmental disability (IDD) and 80% of them are unemployed. That is exactly why Café Joyeux was founded.

In addition to providing an innovative inclusion solution to our employees, Café Joyeux aims to correct this inequality and largely promote inclusion in the entire workplace.

The first Café Joyeux restaurant was born in 2017 in France, employing and training people with mental and cognitive disabilities. Today there are over 19 Café Joyeux in Europe, and our first American Café Joyeux has opened in New York in the beginning of 2024.


    by providing jobs for individuals with IDD


    that diversity and inclusion make business and society richer


    our partners, customers and neighbors to become Ambassadors of inclusion themselves

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In the US, Café Joyeux is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization dedicated to promoting the inclusion of people with disabilities, starting with our own employees in our café-restaurants.

100 OF OUR PROFITS ARE DIRECTLY REINVESTED in supporting our mission, in our own cafés but also beyond the walls of our own company.



We believe that the magic of an atmosphere lies in a variety of small details. That is why we take great care of the layout and decor in our cafés, for both our employees and customers to receive a high-quality experience.

Our cafés-restaurants are designed by Sarah Poniatowski, a renowned French interior designer and the founder of Maison Sarah Lavoine.


At Café Joyeux, we also have culinary convictions: respecting the seasons, sourcing the best products and favoring short circuits are important to us. Everything is homemade and seasonal at Café Joyeux. We offer a gourmet menu, that is made on location and served every day from the heart by our cheerful crew members.


Our team is unique, always professional and proud to welcome you to our 20+ Café Joyeux in France and abroad. Putting a smile on the face of both our crew members and our customers every day is what makes us happy.

  • 20

    Café-restaurants in Rennes, Paris, Bordeaux, Lyon, Tours, Montpellier, Nantes, internationally in Brussels, Lisbon and Cascais

  • 168

    Crew members with IDD

  • 104

    Managers and catering professionals who accompany and train them.

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    line of specialty coffee, available in beans or ground, and tea. LAUNCHING SOON!